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Summa Group was founded in 2006 organized as a perpetual holding company with permanent capital.  Shareholders are primarily wealthy family offices across Texas with few institutional investors.  Summa Group seeks to partner with proven managers and work closely with them to build industry leading companies over a long hold period.  Summa Group provides shared services necessary to instill appropriate governance with respect to accounting practices, auditing, finance, treasury, human resources.  Additional services include big data marketing initiatives to help increase sales.

Summa Group’s investment thesis surrounds the ideas behind Big Data & Data Transformation, Industrial Services and Decarbonization technology and services.   While we are not angel investors we will take an early stage position to help incubate a proven solution and revenue generating business.

Our Team

Advisory Board:

Summa Group’s advisory board is composed of distinguished industry veterans who have significant experience operating in the industrial services sector, managing private capital funds, and working with investors and partners to generate attractive returns.

President and Chief Executive Summa Group

Vincent Summa

Mr. Vincent Summa CEO & Founder of TechCorr, has more than 15 years of progressively responsible experience directing over 600 employees in 20 offices.

He founded TechCorr in 1999 with its first office in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Over the past 20 years Mr. Summa built TechCorr from 3 employees to over 600 worldwide. Vincent led these offices through start-up, survival, turnaround, and growth modes.

TechCorr is a leader in the inspection, nondestructive testing, and industrial services industry.

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Chief Financial Officer Summa Group

Rob West

Rob is responsible for all financial management aspects of the firm, as well as advising the firm’s portfolio company CFOs on certain financial issues and transactions. Rob oversees financial strategy, reporting, financial controls, governance, financial modeling, and banking relationships for the firm. Under his financial guidance, the Summa Group of companies grew significantly from startups to formidable middle market players in industrial inspection-testing and waste-environmental services. A native of Montreal and Calgary, Rob now lives in Houston, TX.

Rob West has over 12 years experience in the financial and executive management fields. He is currently Chief Financial Officer for TechCorr and its affiliated companies reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.

Rob leads a team providing financial strategy, reporting and infrastructure, financial controls and governance, financial modelling and bank/investor relations. His experience coupled with his ability to provide corporate insight through financial reporting and recommendations to assist in strategic decision making, gives Rob a unique ability to improve bottom line results and effectively employ analysis to ensure recommendations are well grounded. These strengths are reflected in Rob’s most recent challenge to sustain and increase profits in a high growth environment while in a volatile economy. Under his financial guidance TechCorr increased revenues and profits from several hundred thousand to several million dollars building a foundation from which to expand globally.

A native of Montreal and Calgary, Rob now lives in Houston, TX with his wife and their 3 children. When not working, he likes to golf, fish, scuba dive and most importantly spend time with his family and friends.

Investment Focus:

Summa Group and its investors are generalists but prefer to invest in companies and industries that we operate from our prior experience and relevant knowledge. High consideration is given to each assets relevance with respect to improving environmental, social and governance. Three vertical investment initiatives are being pursued:

– Digital Transformation

Aggressively pursuing the digital transformation of the process plant environment to improve efficiency and productivity. Summa Group’s digital transformation investments have proven savings exceeding 1% of a refinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical operations net profits.  The use of digital twins and similar solutions are enabling efficiency improvements like never while also improving reliability and the safety of these assets.

Industrial Services –

Pursuing investments in industries with a high nature of regulation and recurring revenue that similarly complement our digital transformation and decarbonization-renewable energy initiatives.

– Decarbonization

Investing growth capital to bring decarbonization and renewal energy technology to the market. Emphasis on captioned carbon to renewable energy solutions.  The goal is to reduce our atmospheres carbon footprint and convert atmospheric carbon to advanced materials, polymers, bioplastics, building materials.

Investment Parameters

  • Strong Management Team
  • Target equity investments of $5 to $25 million
  • Proven and profitable business models and companies
  • Significant free cash flow generation
  • Scalable operation platform
  • Buy & Build Opportunity
  • Impactful improvement to Environment

Transaction Types:

  • Growth Capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Buyouts
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Minority Investments

Portfolio Companies

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