Investment Focus

Investment Focus

Summa Group and its investors are generalists but prefer to invest in companies and industries that we operate from our prior experience and relevant knowledge. High consideration is given to each assets relevance with respect to improving environmental, social, and governance. The three vertical investment initiatives being pursued are Digitial Transformation, Industrial Services and Decarbonization.

Digital Transformation

Aggressively pursuing the digital transformation of the process plant environment to improve efficiency and productivity. Summa Group’s digital transformation investments have proven savings exceeding 1% of a refinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical operations net profits.  The use of digital twins and similar solutions are enabling efficiency improvements like never while also improving reliability and the safety of these assets.

Industrial Services

Pursuing investments in industries with a high nature of regulation and recurring revenue that similarly complement our digital transformation and decarbonization-renewable energy initiatives.


Investing growth capital to bring decarbonization and renewal energy technology to the market. Emphasis on captioned carbon to renewable energy solutions.  The goal is to reduce our atmospheres carbon footprint and convert atmospheric carbon to advanced materials, polymers, bioplastics, building materials.

Investment Parameters

  • Strong Management Team
  • Target equity investments of $5 to $25 million
  • Proven and profitable business models and companies
  • Significant free cash flow generation
  • Scalable operation platform
  • Buy & Build Opportunity
  • Impactful improvement to Environment

Transaction Types

  • Growth Capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Buyouts
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Minority Investments

Companies Under Management

Focused On Energy Safety